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Email Marketing Is Essential for Growth

The rise of mobile technology has only made this method of contact more effective, as users can check their email from any location at any time. Email notifications are often tied to phones, immediately alerting users when they have a new message.

Establishing a customer audience through email marketing is one of the most valuable ways for businesses to increase their reach. Companies can collect email addresses through a blog, on a website’s form, as part of a request for a quote, or a number of other means. Once this list of emails has been collected, it becomes one of a business’s most valuable assets.

Part of the success of email marketing centers around the certainty of delivery. Unlike social media, you know that an email blast will be delivered to a an account. Although it may not be opened, this offers a much higher possibility of being read than Facebook or Twitter, where a news feed can simply scroll past an ad or post.

Email marketing also offers unique options and possibilities in contrast to other forms of marketing. Businesses are able to target specific demographics, regions, and audiences while simultaneously tracking how many recipients open the email and how many follow through with its contents. This yields a host of valuable information that can be used across other marketing areas.

The crowning achievement of email marketing is its cost. Compared to social media advertising, PPC, printed advertising, and other types of marketing, the cost of email marketing can be significantly less expensive. For such a targeted marketing effort, the price of creating an email newsletter and sending it to your mailing list is well worth the investment.

Even customers tend to prefer email, as it allows them to request news, offers, and information from businesses that they are genuinely interested in on their own time. Research shows that almost 70% of US internet users say that email is their preferred method of communicating with business.

While pursuing multiple avenues of marketing is still central to the most effective campaigns, it’s important not to get bedazzled by the new possibilities offered by social media marketing and forget the continuing benefits of email advertising. Scheduling regular emails blasts has helped many businesses to maintain consistent contact and increase their audience base of potential customers.