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Is In-House Label Printing For Me?

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever for small businesses to keep a careful eye on the bottom line and to consider ways in which they can help to keep costs down whilst maximising profit.  Making sure you have a positive cash flow is critical, as losing control of cash flow is one of the most common causes of small businesses failing.  It pays to talk to the bank sooner rather than later if you have a healthy order book, but know that your outgoings will be higher for a short time before invoices get paid.

Sensible investment in money saving technology can also be of great business benefit. Having an in-house label printer enables small businesses to control not only their printing costs, but also their designs. This is particularly important when your products tend to have fairly short production runs, involving frequent changes to label content and design. Investing in your own label printer therefore means that you can tailor each print run to your company’s individual needs, thus minimising waste and saving money.

You don’t have to worry about a minimum order to an external printing supplier, which may be for a greater number of labels than you need, meaning that some would be wasted, adding to your costs and having an adverse effect on the all-important bottom line. Nor do you have to go back to a designer every time you want to change some small detail, as the label printer software from a reputable company can easily handle variations to the colour, layout and detail on the label.  This means that there areno additional costs when you want to update a label or bar code for your product.

In the future it may be that 3D printing enables manufacturers to bring a vast range of manufacturing processes in-house, with the BAE doing a test flight using parts made from a 3D printer, according to this 3D printing article from the Telegraph in early 2014.  3D printers have the potential to manufacture replacement organs for vital medical processes and on a more mundane level equipment for your office.

If, as many small businesses do, you operate from a unit on an industrial estate, it might be worth your while to approach neighbouring small businesses to see if they might be interested in leasing your label printer (which would remain on your premises) at a set time each day or week, thus reducing the running costs and helping the bottom line even further.  You never know, your label printer supplier might offer discounted prices for inks, label rolls or other accessories if you use larger amounts, or if a local start-up company expands to the point where they require their own in-house label printer and you can recommend your supplier to them.

All businesses recognise the benefits of operating on a just-in-time basis and being able to do your label printing in-house is a good example of this.   Make sure that you have a reliable label printer supplier like Quick Label, who can guarantee fast delivery of the accessories you need and whose customer service covers a replacement facility for downtime should your printer ever require non-routine maintenance or repair.  The better suppliers will also offer not only advice on the most appropriate label printer for your needs, whether that is a digital or inkjet label printer, but also training for your staff – in situ if you prefer – to ensure that you gain the most benefit from your purchase over a long period.

Helpful Guide On Choosing Your Best Home Business Opportunity

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Examine your interests, expectations, and availability to find out which of the many home based business opportunities will be most suitable for you. Think through your interests and hobbies if you consider undertaking home business opportunities. You can then explore business opportunities from home to find some that fit your requirements. This way, you would avoid stress or burnout. Home business opportunities are on the rise so much so that anyone who reads the daily papers will find home business opportunities. An entrepreneur interested in home business opportunities will want to make sure of two things. That his home business opportunities are profitable and legitimate. This is because home business opportunities may require research into business law. The Better Business deal can provide information on home business opportunities and their financial history.

There are numerous choices for home business opportunities that can stem from home. Many companies will start their own website with business opportunity seeker to sell goods and services that provide great income avenue. Online advertising and marketing are other home business opportunities that make money. Due to the lucrative nature of this market, some companies pay well services you provide and will guide you through the task of having to set up your own business. The beauty about these home business opportunities is that you can take full advantage of these home business opportunities by putting up advertisements for someone else’s products or services.

Now is a perfect time to get started in your own work from home business opportunity. Gone are the days you had to bother much about shipping, carrying inventory or receiving payments from clients. A huge portion of the affiliate program revenue makes up profit with these home business opportunities. Before setting foot into the business, you should obtain a little more training in running a business. There are a quite number of avenues available for you to learn how to operate a business including keeping your books, selling and organising. If you feel you need to improve on some of your sales or computer skills before you take full advantage of the home based business opportunities available, then go ahead do so. This will ensure that you will find a lot more confidence when running the business.