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Archive for August 8th, 2015

Security Standards of Gmail Service Providers

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

Gmail lets you to do a lot of things with your account. These are not only to let you make use of the service conveniently, but also make the Gmail safer and secure to use. When you make use of too many accounts, there are chances that your accounts have same passwords. Losing track of things and losing data is also possible. Gmail lets you to access lots of email accounts from one folder. Only when Gmail is the main inbox you can enjoy this. Next thing you need to do is to get all the passwords of all the email accounts you want to import to Gmail. For instance, even if you are blogger and you have an email account from your hosting provider, you can even the import the account to the Gmail account. Now, click settings in the Gmail inbox. You can find the Accounts option, choose it, and you can find the Add another email address you own, and with this the importing of another email account starts. You would be prompted by the next screen to add the new email address and the name you want to appear on the screen. Also, you can report spam to any mail that is fishy when you make use of the Gmail. Gmail customer support lets you to enjoy error free service.

There are various other security options available with Gmail. When you find any security threats or you wanted to fix your Gmail issues, then you can always call the online Gmail technical support number, if you are using the premium services. But if you are free account holder then you need to check the online support page to know how to use them. You should know a few things to keep your account safe. You should never share your email ID and password with anyone else. Then use the password that is complex and strong. This is the very initial step to save your email account from being hacked. The next big mistake you need to avoid is that use of same password for all your accounts. Many people use different email accounts for different reasons. One can be for personal and other for professional uses. When one of the accounts has been hacked, there are chances all your accounts are under the same threat.

Always keep your computer locked when you are away. This lets someone to make use of the info even in a few minutes.

Professional Services That Can Clean Your Space

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

The space you live in is your sanctorum, a space that you can go back to rest and rejuvenate after your venture out into the exterior world tackling your job, facing situations and dealing with people. That’s why your home needs to be clean and ready to receive you. Your surrounding may just be the place that can also help you keep up your mental and physical health, and it needs some attention. But you don’t have to get into Cinderella’s shoes and spend the rest of your day scrubbing the spots and shining your kitchen, there are an army of professional €elves’ that are trained and paid to do that for you.

Professional maid and janitorial services in Michigan are so well trained that you can call them to deal with your home space or even your office space to work their magic and thoroughly clean out your space while you use that time to strengthen bonds with your family and friends. The Domestic Engineer has been in the business of providing cleaning services for a few years now. The work of cleaners is professional tackling dirt and germs and other household pests that often invade our homes and stay as uninvited guests.

The services are customised and tailor made to suit each home or an office space- a checklist that you can add to or subtract from will help you get the most out of this service. You can plan to use the service one time, daily, weekly bi-weekly or monthly to suit your needs.

The services by professional maid and janitorial services at Michigan will take care of all the tasks that your home needs.

€ Cleaning exterior of all kitchen appliances including the stove tops

€ Spot cleaning cabinet surfaces

€ Emptying all trash cans and replacing liners, wiping the exteriors of the cans

€ Your toilet should be a place where you should be alone and not be joined by microscopic germs- your toilet bowl, tank, base and seat will be spotless as will showers and bath tubs

€ Bathrooms. mirrors, laundry equipment are cleaned

€ Your walls, ceilings, your little and big things that beautify your homes will all be dusted by tools that can reach in all those inaccessible places.

€ Your floors, carpets, upholstery is a haven for mites will be vacuumed out.

€ You can enter your bedroom with a smile to find fresh linen and made out beds.

The products used will kill pests and bacteria but be safe for your little ones while being bio-degradable, environment friendly products that are plant based. Referring these services to friends will allow a 25% off on the next cleaning services.

Cleaning out your home or office need not be your burden to carry to meetings or celebrations, it should be the work of the professionals, that’s why there are professional maid services in Michigan that will take care of all the details and corners that house dust and pets. Hiring them is giving yourself and your family a healthy space to live in and time that is precious to your relationships.