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Archive for July 22nd, 2015

CRM and Your Home Based Business

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Whether your business is content creation of some sort, blogging, selling products online, etc., you are marketing yourself and what you are doing to others. And it is all about building longer and lasting relationships.

A corporation sells its product to a consumer and then supports it. Why? So the consumer remains happy with the product and the corporation; knowing that this leads to that consumer becoming an ambassador for the company, the brand and the product. Also, so that consumer will purchase again. It is much easier to build future sales with people that have already purchased your product and like it than to spend your capital and energy enticing others who have never bought from you at all to make a purchase with you. A happy consumer buys from you again, again and again.

And isn’t that just what we do as we are building our social networks? We are working to build long lasting relationships with those we come in contact with. If we succeed, they really follow us – they don’t just hit a follow button once in the hopes we will follow them back and their “follower” number goes up. It really isn’t about numbers although that does somewhat increase our exposure. It really is about building the relationships with those that have followed us – because then, instead of being just a number, it becomes a person interested in our content who will then view it, think about it, communicate about it with others, and possibly even contribute to our financial success and survival in some way.

This is the part that takes the real work out there. Not just building your numbers, but building your relationships. Be looking to build these relationships as they are your lifeblood.

So here is some advice on things you need to be cognizant of as you go through your Content Creation or Blogging day.

  • If someone sends you a note of any kind, take the few seconds or minutes it requires to respond back to them. Let them know you hear them and care.
  • If you feel you can help them with something – which might take going the extra mile and actually checking out their blog or website or video; then do it. Provide the help, the tip, a link to somewhere useful to them, etc. Do what you can.
  • If someone follows you, follow them back. And not only that, if over time you notice them creating or publishing content of their own, check it out and “Like” it or “+1” it or “Pin” it if it is worthy of some form of affirmation. Guess what happens: They notice. Next time around when you are putting something out there, they will remember you and will stop a moment to see what you have created and maybe some good things will happen for you as well.

By doing the above things, at the next level of interaction, what starts to happen is that you make friends out there in cyberspace. These friends help build your day as you help build theirs and it’s not so lonely a world any more – you all look forward to connecting with each other again at some time in the near future. Collaborations start and you all start helping each other grow and succeed. Your life and their lives are enriched. The world becomes a better place.

So enjoy your social media experience and business. This is where the rewards really are. The friendships you build.

Customer Support

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

This customer support service includes installation, planning, troubleshooting, training, upgrading and disposal of a product as well. This is considered as the main data channel for the fulfillment of customer satisfaction and it thus helps a lot in retaining a customer for a very long period of time.

There are various channels of communication that are used by the companies in order to render customer support services. These channels of communication have been explained as below.

Phone support

The customers can speak directly to the representatives of customer support over the phone. For the inbound calls, an integrated voice response is programmed in order to route the captured calls in various ways. These phone support channel is mostly used for taking the pre- sales queries, order taking, cross selling and also upselling. There are also outbound calls that are done from the call center to the employees.

Live chat support

In this channel the website visitor can seek assistance through a text based chat session. He or she can interact easily with a customer support representative, understand the requirements of the customer and give him a suitable advice. There might be language barriers in this channel in case both the parties are not able to write in the same language.

Email support

Email can be described as a primary means that can be used to offer a web based service for the customers. This is useful when the customer does not require any immediate reply or assistance. It is also a low cost channel and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Remote support

Remote support is a method in which the problems of a computer in a particular location are solved from a computer that is located in another place. The companies can benefit as they can be able to save a significant amount of time and money and there will not be any logistics involved.

On- site support

On-site support can easily be described as the opposite of a remote support. Here the service provider will take the product or the gadget to the warehouse for repair.

Social media

Customer support can also be rendered to the customers by way of the social media. Almost all the customers use the social networking websites, so there is no problem in searching for the customers on social media.