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Archive for May 29th, 2009

Top 5 Guides To Home Business Marketing To Attract More Clients

Friday, May 29th, 2009

For the new internet entrepreneurs, starting and marketing a home business are really the problem. It requires lots of patience and devotement to succeed online. And you can only suceedd it if following some steps below without afraid of being broken.

1) Link Exchanges – Advertise your web business for free with a text link. Link exchange takes only a few minute an may also increase your search engine ranking. You could establish 10,000 links to your website but if they have no relevancy to a search request, they don’t mean anything to the search engines.

2) Online Mailing List – Make sure you capture your visitors’ emails addresses. Start a newsletter for your visitors. Keep them up to date on your products or services. Use follow up e-mails to get the sales.

3) Use Testimonials – Use your satisfied customers to your advantage. Your potential customers will put a lot of weight in what other customers say. Testimonials are simply positive statements from your customers.

4) Develop And Publish A Free E-Book. Give away an ebook on a topic you are an expert in – it raises your credibility and sales.

5) Article Marketing: This is a very powerful method to build your brand awareness and reputation. Article Marketing also gives you traffic, sales and expert status. You can take advantage of article marketing without a writing background.

The above guides are the most basic for your success in home business marketing. Believe and use them to get more and more clients to your business.

Basic Guides To Get A Home Business Loan

Friday, May 29th, 2009

You want to run a home business but you don’t have enough funds, then maybe you need a home business loan. In fact, many home business owners who have no the capital needed to get their businesses up and running turn to home business loans to start their business without having to wait for funds to accumulate.    .

Before you actually apply for your home business loan, you are going to need to prepare a few things. First and foremost, you must create a clear and detailed business plan that shows your projected cash flow and you also need to write a business loan proposal. Without these things, it will be impossible to qualify for a home business loan. If you have no idea how to create a business plan or write a business loan proposal, you may want to consider hiring a business writer to create these documents for you.

In addition to providing the above documents, you will need to prove that you are capable of operating the home business you are starting. If your home business is already operating and generating revenue, you’re also going to need to bring profit and loss statements when you apply for the loan.

Before you actually apply for the loan you will also need to figure out exactly how much money you should ask for. Sit down and take a realistic look at your financing needs, figure out how much you can afford to pay back each month and calculate how long you will need to take the loan out for. When you apply for your home business loan, you are going to need to provide this information to the lender.

When in need of home business financing, there are multiple financing resources for you to turn to. The first place many people go when they want to get a home business loan is their bank or credit union. Unless you have very good credit, this may not be the best option for you. Banks and credit unions consider home business loans to be a higher risk than brick-and-mortar business loans and some will require you to take out a higher-interest personal loan to finance your home business needs.

If you are rejected the first time you apply for your home business loan, don’t become discouraged. More than half of the people who apply for business loans are rejected the first time they apply. If you are rejected, ask for a detailed explanation as to why you were rejected and ask what you need to do in order to qualify for the loan.

If your bank or credit union will not give you the financing you need, you still have other options. You may want to look into becoming financed by angel investors. Angel investors are wealthy businesspeople who invest in fledgling businesses. The angel investors loan you the money you need and you then pay your investors back with interest.

If you have friends or family members who are looking to invest, you may want to see if they would like to invest in your home business. Those who are closest to you can sometimes be the best resource for your home business financing needs.

If everything is failure in getting the funds, consider leveraging your credit cards to get it. The benefits of using your credit cards to finance your home business may far outweigh the negative aspects of credit card financing.