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Keys to Excellent Customer Service

April 4th, 2016 1:27 am

Humans are relational beings, and it would be wise to take note of this when considering customer service. Relationships are, in fact, key to selling, vital to building a core of repeat consumers, and necessary to prosper as a business. With a few exceptions, everyone seeks a connection with the people they come across, and if your goal is to provide excellent customer service, then connect yourself with the customer. So how does one properly nurture a relationship with a customer? Make the consumer your priority.

Engage, Excel, and Encourage

One must first engage with the customer; do not wait, but welcome and engage within seconds of seeing a customer. Engage quickly, but also engage intentionally and reach out to the people near you. If they are wearing some form of name tag, then greet them by name. The way that you act, is the way that they will perceive the company. By personally engaging with them, they see that you and the business that you ultimately represent, are devoted to excellence and committed to serving. Isn’t that what every business wants to convey? As you engage, smile, listen, conduct a genuine conversation in asking how they are doing, find common ground, or if you can help them in any way. No matter the response on their behalf, you have done your part to initiate a relationship with the consumer through engaging with the individual.

Once engaged, excel in serving the customer. Serving is simply being useful in catering to the prospect. For example, if the customer has a question, answer it to the best of your knowledge; but if you do not have all the answers, then smoothly, speedily, and politely find someone able to meet the needs of the customer. If the customer needs aid in finding an item, do not carelessly point and tell them where it is located, but happily engage with the customer and walk them to where the item can be found. If a customer is complaining, then listen to what they have to say, apologize for what happened, and ask how it can be resolved. By excelling in caring for the customer, you actively support what was said in the initial engagement and further solidify the harmony of the relationship with the purchaser.

Lastly, warmly encourage your customers to come back. Inviting people to come back can be an enormous game changer for your business and distinguish your service from your competitor’s. By now you should have engaged with the customer and excelled in serving them, and to encourage their return by saying, “thank you for coming, come back and see us soon” is easily putting the icing on the cake. Through this encouragement, the customer walks out of the door feeling appreciated for their business, and therefore more likely to return through the same door, not because of the products that you have but because of the excellent service you provide.

Because relationships are vital to business, one should make nurturing relationships a must. Building successful relationships is grounded in excellent customer service, which is achieved through engaging with the customer, excelling in serving the customer, and encouraging the customer to come back. As you connect with the individuals that make their way into your store, pursue them knowing that the growth of the company depends on it; they need you and you need them. In impressively serving an individual, there is a good chance that you may soon come across their network of family and friends. An employee does not just work for the company, the employee also works for the customer, so connect yourself with them.

The Guide to Use an ATM Machine

April 4th, 2016 1:25 am

Since the dawn of the ATM (automated teller machines), banking has never been simpler. An automated teller machine, or ATM, provides one the convenience to make quick and prompt cash withdrawals. However, the purpose of the ATM does not end there, various other banking transactions, such as depositing money, transfer of funds and balance inquiries and account updates are possible via ATM machines. Since, the system saves, time and reduces delays, banks have ATMs located inside, outside or at various convenient and accessible locations, like gas stations, grocery stores and malls, so on.

There are a few things to consider before using an ATM,

Verify the network logos: These logos may be located in the ATM or debit cards, are indicative of the acceptable banking consortium. This means the ATM machine will have a list of acceptable logos posted on it. Even though many cards are universally acceptable these days, there is a charge on using the card in other bank ATMs after a number of withdrawals.

Be Vigilant: The use of debit card at ATM machines should be done under complete care, make sure no onlooker can see the PIN designated to provide access to your account.

These machines are easy to operate and provide systematic guidance to the users, the steps involved in using an ATM.

Step 1: Select the appropriate bank ATM.

Step 2: Insert your ATM card in the designated slot or swipe the card depending on the machine.

Step 3: Select the language that you desire for the user interface, most machines offer English and regional languages to choose.

Step 4: Enter the PIN (Personal Identification Number) provided along with the ATM card at the time of registration. Make sure you memorize the PIN and never disclose the same to a stranger or even acquaintance, to avoid the risk of card fraud.

Step 5: Select from the given transactions. Generally, the options are available at most ATMs, such as withdraw, deposit, balance inquiry and transfer. If you choose to withdraw, the ATM prompts for the amount, which once entered the ATM checks the balance of the account, and renders the cash if feasible.

Step 6: The machine prompts for printed receipt, which will be provided if you opt for the same.

Step 7: One can choose to continue with more transactions or finish the same.

Make sure to remove your ATM card, if it is inserted at the beginning of the transaction, without fail.

The common dilemma when using the ATM, is forgetting the PIN, the ATM machine allows only a number of attempts before confiscating the card. If one forgets the PIN, should request for the same at the issuing bank. Many fall victim to card frauds by not being vigilant and careful when transacting at ATM machines, be aware of your surroundings and keep the bank ATM card safe. The ATM provides a world of ease and accessibility to the users, by its easy, instantaneous and safe process.